French Summer Clubs in London

For native speakers

Vous ne pouvez pas partir en France pendant les vacances? Nos Clubs de vacances sont parfaits pour permettre à vos petits de continuer leur apprentissage du français, tout en s’amusant. Pour les 3-10 ans. Notre objectif est de proposer des activités similaires aux centres de loisirs en France. Journées bien remplies avec activités manuelles/artistiques, sports, chant, théatre.

Holiday Clubs for native or near fluent children, aged 3-10.

We offer an immersion program, packed with fun and educational activities, during half term and summer holidays. Activities will include : arts and crafts, bricolage/DIY, Singing workshop, Musical workshop, Fashion workshop, Sports games and outdoor games. All drama and Musical workshops will be led by a specialised instructor. All in French of course!

For non-native speakers 

Mini Holiday Clubs for non-native children  aged 3-9. 

2 hours of French Immersion fun a day, Mixed-activity (Arts, Drama, Music, Sports Games and more)

Week of 24th July, Mon-fri 10-12pm

£15 per child/morning.

Clapham or Wimbledon

Book now For Summer 2017! 

*Week of 24th July ( Clapham or Wimbledon)

*Week of 31st July ( Clapham or Wimbledon)

*29 Aug-1 Sept (TBC)

Contact us now to register your interest.

Fees for Holiday Club Week

Depending on the half term/holiday, we will offer a Short or Extended day.
You can choose to book per day or the whole week:
Fees per day :
Short Day 9-1pm or 1-5pm= 36£
Extended Day=10-5pm = 55£
to book:


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